dinsdag 2 maart 2010

Child Meadow

Played with these two guys in january. They are really cool and make some awesome music. They're also in Bökanövsky (which you might know). This is more emo/punk-ish than Bökanövsky though.


maandag 1 maart 2010

This Routine Is Hell

This Routine Is Hell, great hardcore punk from the Netherlands. These guys just came back from an European tour and they trashed everything. Great guys, great music. Following them live since their name were 'De Tarrels', which is a long long time ago. Give them a listen, their new album is fucking sweet!

Crave This (demo)
Sandbox Rebellion Split
The Verve Crusade

zaterdag 20 februari 2010


Modern hardcore similar to bands like Ceremony, Trash Talk, Outbreak, Swamp Thing, Cruel Hand, Blacklisted.

Demo + 7"

vrijdag 19 februari 2010

This Will Destroy You

And there she goes again, with another post-rock band. This Will Destroy You is an instrumental American post-rock band from San Marcos, Texas. Started in 2005 and still here in the present. This is probably my favorite post-rock band ever. Also the first post-rock band i saw live and it was beyond my expectations. I also met the guys and they're the coolest ever. Check them out if you haven't heard from them yet!

This Will Destroy You
Young Mountain
Field Studies EP

woensdag 10 februari 2010


There are a lot of Cameron's around, but this is the Dutch metallic screamo/posthardcore outfit.
After Many A Summer + Demo

zondag 7 februari 2010

Shark Attack

Hardcore as it should be. Think of all of those bands from the 80s. (Negative Approach, SSD, old Agnostic Front)


woensdag 3 februari 2010


Noisy garage rock / punk. Mix bands like Sonic Youth, Mudhoney, Jesus Lizard and Black Flag.

McLusky Do Dallas
The Pain and Sadness is more Sad and Painful than Yours
The Difference between Me and You is That I'm not on Fire

Hot Snakes

Ex-Drive like Jehu. Postpunk / garage. Just cool energetic stuff.

Audit in Progress
Automatic Midnight

donderdag 28 januari 2010

Orwell Nation

Dutch crust hardcore. Featuring members of Shikari, The Barnhouse Effect, Lärm, Staathaat and Seein Red (and I think of Betercore to).

Orwell Nation

donderdag 21 januari 2010

maandag 11 januari 2010


Maybeshewill is a post-rock band with metal influences from Leicester, UK. They're amazing and this is all their stuff i own.

Japanese spy transcript
Not For Want Of Trying
Remixes Vol.1
Seraphim & Cherubim
Sing the Word Hope in Four - Part Harmony
Split w/ Her name is Calla

woensdag 6 januari 2010


Chillout mathrock. Influences are all over the place; Jazz, Postrock, whatever. Enjoy!

Teaching the history of teaching geography
The Nudes

maandag 4 januari 2010


Emo/hardcorepunk from the end of the 90's, but they sound more as if they were from the 80's. Old emo in the vein of Dag Nasty, The Hated and Rites of Spring.